“‘Sending a message’: what the US and UK are attempting to do”

Guardian computer destroyed by UK government

The Guardian’s destroyed computer.

Greenwald’s original: 1102 words. This post: 176 words.

The UK’s purported reason for detaining Greenwald’s partner at Heathrow – that they suspected he had information related to terrorism – is an audacious lie; the real reasons are clearly to exact vengeance and to dissuade journalists from publishing more classified information. A US security official confirmed this to Reuters, and it comports with the general behavior of the US and UK, which includes imprisoning whistleblowers and criminalizing journalism. Greenwald has been accused of threatening the the government with more leaks, but it is the government who is really threatening.

Troublingly, state-loyal journalists are taking the government’s side against their own profession.


The WSJ reports that 75% of domestic internet traffic is being collected by the NSA.

Miranda describes his ordeal.

SG editorial note: I think Greenwald underplays the possibility that in addition to intimidating journalists, the US may also hope to learn what other information was leaked and may believe it has a chance of recovering all copies of the leaked information.

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