“Various items: NSA stories around the world”

Greenwald’s original: 1394 words. Here: 176.

The NSA stories and an upcoming book will make non-NSA-postings difficult for a couple weeks.

The impact of the NSA stories outside the US has been overlooked:

(1) Using Snowden leaks, der Spiegel reports that GCHQ was behind the hacking of a Belgian telecom. The NSA had been suspected previously. The aggressive tactics of these two agencies is notable in light of their counties’ strong denunciations of such tactics.

(2) Greenwald for The Hindu: India is fifth most targeted by NSA.

(3) GCHQ or NSA seem to impersonate Google servers.

(4) NYTimes editorial calls for limits on NSA.

(5) “Does anyone … [think] things were better pre-Snowden when the DOJ could successfully block legal challenges to the US government’s spying activities by invoking secrecy and standing claims?”

(6) Haaretz interview with Greenwald.

(7) Guardian Reader’s Editor on the NSA reporting.

(8) “Stop Watching Uscoalition will hold an anti-surveillance rally in Washington DC on October 26.

Update: AP reports that the Obama-appointed “independent” NSA review panel is composed of Obama loyalists.

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