“Brian Williams’ Iran propaganda”

Hasan RouhaniGreenwald: 1266 words. Here: 166.

Iran has a strong record of denying any interest in acquiring nuclear weapons. In 2005, Ayatollah Khamenei issued a fatwa against pursuing such weapons, and they favor Middle East-wide nuclear disarmament (unlike Israel, who already has a vast arsenal but defies UN demands for inspections and refuses to join the NPT). This stance against nuclear weapons has been a consistent position up to the present day. Moreover, even US and Israeli intelligence secretly confirm that Iran probably does not seek nuclear weapons.

Despite this, NBC News anchor Brian Williams yesterday characterized Iran as “suddenly claiming they don’t want nuclear weapons.” Perhaps that is what he truly believes – if he consumes of American media, it’s likely that he was never exposed to Iran’s true record on nuclear arms. Or perhaps Williams and NBC news simply knew that they could get away with sowing doubts about Iran’s intentions because they can rest assured that their audience is ignorant of the contradictory facts.

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