“NSA and GCHQ target Tor network that protects anonymity of web users”


Greenwald, Bruce Schneier, and James Ball: 1994 words. Here: 158.

Despite being 60% funded by the US government, the anonymity tool “Tor” has been targeted by NSA and GCHQ. Used “by journalists, activists and campaigners in the US and Europe as well as in China, Iran and Syria, to maintain the privacy of their communications and avoid reprisals from government,” documents revealed by Snowden show that the NSA is concerned that “The Onion Router” may be used by “naughty” people like terrorists. They say “Tor Stinks” because it is so difficult to undermine; attacks focus not on Tor itself but on now-fixed Firefox browser weaknesses. The FBI has also built exploits against Firefox in their attempt to combat child pornography. Tor hides the nationality of its users, so all of these attacks can be assumed to be used against Americans and foreigners alike.


Schneier: Importance of making NSA’s Tor attack public.

Schneier: Technical details.

Leaked NSA documents.



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